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“I was born condemned to be one of those who have to see all sides of a question. When you’re damned like that, the questions multiply for you until in the end it’s all question and no answer. As history proves, to be a worldly success at anything, especially revolution, you have to wear blinders like a horse and see only straight in front of you. You have to see, too, that this is all black, and that is all white. As for my comrades in the Great Cause, I felt as Horace Walpole did about England, that he could love it, if it weren’t for the people in it. (...) If I don’t believe in the movement, I don’t believe in anything else either, especially not the state. I’ve refused to become a useful member of its society. I’ve been a philosophical drunken bum, and proud of it.”
(Eugene O'Neill, The Iceman Cometh)

"X. Echte Polemik nimmt ein Buch sich so liebevoll vor, wie ein Kannibale sich einen Säugling zurüstet."
(Walter Benjamin, Die Technik des Kritikers in dreizehn Thesen)


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